22 JANUARY 1966.

Opening of the hotel Euzko Alkartasuna, the land was donated by the municipality.

25 MAY 1972.

Inauguration of the racecourse facilities and recreational park in the area of ​​10 hectares owned by the association Euzko Alkartasuna, purchased Family San Martín Feliciano.

25 SEPTEMBER 1976.

It opens playingpelote “Jose Leon Chapartegui”.

20 APRIL 1977.

Grilled opens “Ignacio Garmendia” (the first location).

28 FEBRUARY 1981.

Enables the second floor and the remodeling of the concierge, the hotel kitchen and confectionery Euzko Alkartasuna.

20 NOVEMBER 1982.

Inauguration of the two tennis courts and two courts are enabled bocce closed.

25 SEPTEMBER 1983.

It enables the second part of the grill “Ignacio Garmendia” where the kitchen is installed and enabled new bathrooms.

9 JULY 1983.

Dance group born Basque dance “Gure Ametza” (our dreams).

10 NOVEMBER 1983.

Opening of the swimming pool with associated showers. The land was donated by the provincial government.

26 NOVEMBER 1983.

It starts working the Basque tavern.

6 JUNE 1984.

It is planted in the square outside the hotel “The Oak Tree” whose seed (acorn) was brought from Gernika.

20 NOVEMBER 1988.

Opening of the salon culture “Kultur Gela” cultural meetings and intended for use by institutions and private request. Test site Basque dance group “Gure Ametza”.

18 MARCH 1989.

Opening of the second court paddle closed.

20 NOVEMBER 1993.

Opens the indoor gym where practice volleyball, basketball and sports by the association “Union” and secondary school students in the town.

30 OCTOBER 1994.

Opens a mural in tribute to Argentine President M. Ortiz and pro Basque immigration committee.

20 April 2012.

Hotel reopening under new management Euzko Alkartasuna.

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