Born in Bergara (Gipuzkoa – Euskadi).
He was the driving force behind and along with a group of native Vasques and the Vasque descendants who gathered for this purpose, he founded the Association of Vasque Macachín Union on 28 February 1959.
He was president of the Vasque Union during the period of December 6, 1960 to March 25, 1967.
During its president Hotel Euzko Alkartasuna built the hotel which was opened on January 22, 1966.
Resulted in Vasque Union Association had its own headquarters for their social meetings, the executive committee with the president in front of the hotel building resolved Hotel Euzko Alkartasuna since Macachín not have sufficient capacity to accommodate all commercial travelers and daily passengers visited our town.
The construction of the Hotel Euzko Alkartasuna facing the square was an important part of Macachín takeoff throughout the area.
He was the main organizer of the Vasque parties that took place in our town who attended the Vasques from all over the country making the Union Association Macachín Vasque and were known in all Vasque clubs of Argentina.
Until his retirement was permanent collaborator in all social activities and works that were done in the Union Association Vasca.


Born in Juan Fernandez (Necochea) of parents who emigrated from the village of Errazkin (Navarra) the Vasque Country.
He was president of the Union for the period Vaska the years 1973 to 2000.
During its president kept pushing that printed the executive committees of the Association Vaska Union and completed the works of social and sports infrastructure, making the Vasque institution comply with the objective of giving the community Macachín both sporting facilities cultural. Both front Vaska Union Association and in his private life, Don Esteban Garmendia has proved a moral life and faultless coexistence which has gained the respect of the community and the people that remained in treatment long life.
As Argentine and like his brother have continuously demonstrated their affection for transmitting Vasque customs to respect his family and the example of his ancestors Vasques.
Vaska Union Association is proud that Don Esteban Garmendia is a faithful exponent of Argentines living descendants of Vasques Macachín our community and area are proud of their lineage.

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